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What are two of the most common forms of premises liability?

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2020 | Personal Injury

The term premises liability refers to the risk people have when others visit a property they own or manage. If someone gets hurts, especially due to an issue that would have been preventable with proper care or maintenance, the victim could bring financial claims against the property owner.

Although most people talk about premise liability in the context of how it can affect a business, premises liability can also play a factor when one person visits someone else’s home. In locations both public and private, there may be insurance available to offset liability.

For those who get hurt on someone else’s property, an insurance claim or a lawsuit may become necessary to recover financial losses that result, like medical expenses.

Many premises liability claims involve people slipping or falling

Poorly maintained sidewalks, unaddressed moisture accumulation in a business and even a recent wax job on tile flooring in a restaurant could all lead to someone slipping and falling. Slip-and-fall incidents can lead to serious injuries in some cases.

Additionally, facilities that have stairs could also create risk for someone falling down those stairs, possibly due to inadequate lighting or lack of a handrail.

Premises liability claims can also result from criminal activity

Sometimes, it isn’t a failure to maintain the building so much as it is a failure to ensure it is secure that leads to premises liability. Not having outdoor lighting or security cameras in place could mean that criminals target a specific building or area and commit crimes there because of lacking security.

Victims of crimes and those who get hurt due to inadequate security and lighting may also have premises liability claims against property owners.