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1 trapped in semi vs. truck crash in Santa Paula

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

It’s unfortunate, but there are often collisions between big rigs and other vehicles. There are reasons for that ranging from the drivers being overly tired or being unable to see others, but the end result tends to be a serious collision.

Take, for example, this case in Santa Paula that resulted in one person being trapped in their vehicle. According to the report, a crash happened at around 7 p.m. when a pickup truck somehow became wedged under a semitruck. The Ventura County firefighters reported to the scene and said they’d need heavy equipment to be able to help the driver who was trapped in the pickup truck.

Reports from the scene claimed that the pickup driver suffered moderate injuries in the crash. The firefighters eventually removed the roof from the vehicle to be able to access him. After approximately 45 minutes, he was extricated and taken to Ventura County Medical Center for treatment.

This is the second serious crash like this in just over a week for the region. The previous Friday, a man was killed in a crash between a semitruck and pickup truck in Santa Paula.

Since this is not the first incident of its kind in the area, now is a good time to understand what you can do to be safer. If you’re driving around big rigs, remember that those drivers may not be able to see smaller vehicles well. Always pass quickly, and use your horn or other signals to let the driver know you’re present and intending to pass or maneuver. Being cautious is the best way to prevent crashes like this, but if you are hurt, you should remember you have the right to pursue compensation.