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Discrimination of disabled workers

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2021 | Employment Law

Having a disability can present challenges in all aspects of life. Unfortunately, being disabled can sometimes result in facing discrimination. Often, this discrimination happens in the workplace. There are various laws in place that protect the individual from discrimination by an employer.

Reasonable accommodation

The state of California imposes numerous laws that oversee how disabled employees should be treated. Furthermore, there are federal laws that serve the same purpose. Employers are forbidden from discriminating against an employee because they have a disability. Also, employers have a duty to make reasonable accommodations so that tasks can be carried out in a safe and comfortable environment.

For example, if an office employee has a visual disability, the employer has a duty to provide software that ensures they can read relevant material on their computer screen. Moreover, the employer must ensure that designated working environments and duties allow disabled workers to participate like any other employee. Failure to make reasonable accommodations may amount to discrimination against disabled workers.

Wrongful termination

As well as outlining reasonable accommodations, both state and federal laws dictate that employees cannot be fired because of their disability. If you have been fired because of your disability, then you likely have grounds for a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Importantly, having a disability doesn’t prevent you from being fired for legitimate reasons. Rather, it simply means that disability cannot be a reason for your termination. In the case of a legal dispute, it will be up to you to provide evidence that your termination was solely based on disability.

Familiarizing yourself with the law on workplace discrimination can assist in ensuring that your working environment is suitable. It is also important to know what protections are in place so that you do not face discrimination. Being able to carry out your working duties like everyone else is key to leading a fulfilling life.