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2 sorts of  hidden injuries to watch out for after a car crash

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

First responders know that anyone who is screaming in pain is probably not the priority where there are multiple people injured in a car crash. The fact that a person is screaming and shouting means they are at least conscious and breathing. The real danger lies in those who are quiet as they may have lost consciousness and stopped breathing.

The injuries you really need to worry about are often the ones you cannot see. There are exceptions. If you see blood spurting out of someone’s jugular, it requires immediate attention to save their life.

Internal injuries can slip by unnoticed. A car crash survivor might feel and look fine, but that does not mean they are. It is why a medical check-up is crucial after a car crash. Sometimes it takes scans or specialized medical knowledge to spot internal harm. Here are two things to watch out for:

Internal bleeding and organ damage

Organ damage can lead to internal bleeding, which can kill in minutes. Alternatively, the shutting down of an organ could lead to a gradual deterioration in body function.

Brain damage

A traumatic brain injury can take time to show. Many people feel dazed and confused after a crash, yet a doctor can carry out checks to ascertain if it is a mild concussion that will heal itself or something that could affect the person for the rest of their life.

Drivers who crash into you and their insurers often try to hurry the settlement process. If you accept, you jeopardize getting the amount of compensation you will need if you later discover your injuries are more serious. Getting legal guidance will be crucial to secure the compensation you deserve.