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3 medical tests that can confirm your vehicle accident injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2022 | Personal Injury

Did you know that many crash victims go home after the crash feeling fine, only to experience injury symptoms days or weeks later? You can still seek compensation for your injuries after some time has passed, but it is best to build your case as soon as possible.

Some of the injuries that often do not manifest symptoms immediately include brain injuries, internal wounds and back or spine injuries. If you want to avoid aggravating these injuries, you need a fast and accurate diagnosis. Consider seeing a doctor and asking if you need these three diagnostic tests to uncover hidden accident damage.

Start by getting x-rayed

A simple yet effective diagnostic tool is the simple x-ray. It can reveal a myriad of hidden injuries or at least inform physicians if additional tests are needed. X-rays can detect broken bones, abnormal spine alignment and several other injuries.

You may need computerized tomography scans

Also known as CT and CAT scans, computerized tomography uses several x-rays combined with computer imaging to reveal your internal structure. A CT scan can help your doctor diagnose brain trauma and many other internal injuries.

Consider magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

An MRI takes a deeper look into your body to spot potentially severe injuries. These imaging tests reveal problems such as bone, nerve and tissue damage. They can also uncover abnormal brain activity in many motor vehicle accident victims.

Most Southern California vehicle accident victims rely on financial compensation to recover from their harm. The results of the diagnostic tests above can strengthen your claim, allowing you to seek the maximum amount of restitution. Increasing your knowledge of California accident and injury compensation laws can also help.