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LGBTQ+ protection for California workers

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2023 | Employment Law

Employers in California can’t make employment-related decisions based on any protected factors. Some of those factors include the gender or sexual preferences of an individual. Unfortunately, these workers are often discriminated against. Approximately 38% of them report being harassed at work.

Around 46% of LGBTQ+ workers report that they’ve had to deal with unfair treatment on the job. Religious motivation was believed to be the motivation for unfair treatment at work in around 57% of cases.

What’s forbidden?

Any harassment or discrimination of LGBTQ+ workers must be forbidden by employers. This includes applicants to jobs because discrimination during the hiring process is forbidden. There must be a clear policy at the workplace to forbid this. It should also include how to make complaints about discrimination or harassment. A plan of action to address these matters is also necessary.

Once a worker who identifies or represents as LGBTQ+ is hired, the employer must ensure that other workers, supervisors, owners, customers and vendors don’t harass them or discriminate against them. The harassment can come as verbal remarks, harmful teasing and similar methods.

It’s illegal for employers to refuse to hire or promote individuals because they fall under the LGBTQ+ classification. Negative employment actions, such as termination, pay cuts, hour reductions, relocation or disciplinary warnings mustn’t ever be in response to an LGBTQ+ status.

Anyone who’s been a victim of discrimination or harassment at work because of their sexual preferences or gender should learn about their legal options. Working with someone familiar with the issues plaguing LGBTQ+ workers is beneficial since you can draw from their experience. Be sure you do this quickly because time limits may apply to these cases.