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Age discrimination remains rampant in California’s tech industry

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2023 | Employment Law

Ageism is a problem for many older Americans seeking a new job or trying to keep their current employment. Age discrimination is unlawful, but it persists, particularly in the tech industry, which often emphasizes youth.

The California technology industry teems with lucrative job opportunities, but not for those over 40, it seems. Some people even consider people who are 35 to be too old for the industry. Holding on to a tech job or finding a new one is becoming more and more challenging for anyone approaching 40.

How can you be sure it’s age discrimination?

Contrary to common belief, ageism in the workplace can be subtle. For example, employers may slowly replace your usual assignments with less challenging or even unpleasant tasks.

Other possible signs of workplace age discrimination:

  • Negative performance reviews that are not warranted
  • Denied access to training and learning opportunities
  • No longer receiving deserved promotions and raises

If your superiors or co-workers begin making disparaging remarks about your age, that is another sign of discrimination.

How else can occupational age discrimination happen?

Sometimes, people experience ageism before they even apply for a position. Employers may not discriminate during any portion of the hiring process, including job postings, candidate screening and applicant interviews.

As a California worker, you have legal protection against workplace discrimination. A few of the many remedies available in the state are:

  • Missed back pay
  • Lost future earnings
  • Restitution for legal expenses
  • Financial compensation for emotional distress

Your action could also lead to beneficial policy changes that protect you and other at-risk employees.

We urge you to explore your legal options if you have suffered age or other discrimination in your place of employment.