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There Should Be No Correlation Between Your Gender And Your Job

There are countless ways businesses make decisions for their employees. For example, your company can determine your salary, schedule and benefits. When you accepted your job, you agreed to the terms of your employment. However, despite the amount of control a manager, boss or entrepreneur may seem to have over you and your co-workers, they cannot legally treat you any way they please.

California and federal employment laws protect you from sexual harassment in your workplace. The experienced attorneys at Brad Gage Law, APC can help you determine whether a violation of these employment laws enables you to seek compensation. Our attorneys will fight to protect your rights as well as your dignity.

You Have The Right To Say “No” At Work

When you report to someone, you may feel as though you lack options. However, no one should be victimized while performing their work.

Sexual harassment is a form of workplace discrimination that covers a wide range of unacceptable behaviors that may make you so uncomfortable that you cannot do your job. Our lawyers will help you build your defense for inappropriate actions such as:

  • Unwanted advances
  • Suggestive comments
  • Requests for sexual favors in exchange for a promotion
  • Nonmedical job restrictions related to pregnancy
  • Threats of job loss unless you consent to sexual conduct

Additionally, your employer does not have the right to treat you differently than other employees based on your gender or gender identification preference.

You Can Stop Inappropriate Behavior And Still Keep Your Job

Far too often, reports of sexual harassment go unreported for fear of retaliatory action. However, it is illegal to fire you for reporting behaviors that make you uncomfortable or taking legal action when your concerns are not taken seriously.

Some of the steps you can take to put an end to sexually inappropriate behavior include:

  • Review your company’s sexual harassment policy.
  • Report your concerns to your employer.
  • Contact the police.
  • File a complaint with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH).

We established our law firm in 1991 and have a track record of favorable results for clients in Woodland Hills and throughout greater Los Angeles in employment law matters and personal injury lawsuits. If someone infringes on your rights, we will stand up for them – when necessary, in court.

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