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Three Decades Of Skilled Legal Counsel

Founded in 1991, Goldberg & Gage is proud to offer personal attention and knowledgeable legal counsel to personal injury and employment law clients. Our firm serves individuals and businesses throughout California from our Woodland Hills office, and our attorneys have worked hard to develop our positive reputation in the California legal community.

We understand that every case is unique and that every detail can be essential in crafting a compelling case for our clients. That is why we offer personalized attention, working directly with you to ensure that they know the important details of their case at every step and to fully understand the impact your injuries have had on you.

We Have A Strong Reputation For A Reason

With a history of creating exceptional successes for our clients and being recognized for excellence by our peers in the legal field, we are proud to bring the skill that has built our positive reputation to every case we take. For more information about our attorneys and their qualifications, read their attorney profiles:

Contact Our Firm To Tell Us More

We take great care to provide a client-friendly experience. This includes the attorneys working directly with you throughout your case. We reply promptly to our clients, and we make sure that our clients remain fully informed about the status of their case at every step.

We understand that every case has a deadline – don’t let time run out on yours. To work with an attorney that has the knowledge and experience to help your case succeed, contact Goldberg & Gage by email or by telephone at 818-340-9252.