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Racial Profiling and Other Civil Rights Violations Should Not Be Tolerated

Brad Gage Law, APC is experienced in representing victims of civil rights abuse.  We have a 38 year history of handling some of the most significant civil rights cases in the State and beyond.  Some well-known cases we have handled:  Representing the family of Christopher Wallace, better known as the Rap Star, Notorious BIG, or Biggie Smalls against the LAPD; Defending Officer John Futrell in the infamous North Hollywood Shoot Out Trial.  We are currently representing the family of Officer Houston Tipping against the LAPD; Representing 1086 African Americans in a racial profiling lawsuit against Beverly Hills Police Department for civil rights violations (along with Ben Crump, the attorney for George Floyd.)  We also represent the family of Rob Adams against the San Bernadino Police Department also with Ben Crump.

We have the experience and tenacity to protect your civil rights.  We stand for justice, accountability and fairness.   We will handle your case with tenacity and fight for your rights.

Examples of civil rights cases we handle include false arrests, malicious prosecutions, and violation of equal protection under the law, such as with racial profiling.   We are here to help.

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