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Goldberg & Gage has helped its clients win more than $7.5 million against the City of Beverly Hills while fighting discrimination, harassment and retaliation. Please click the link below to view the full video:

Woodland Hills-based attorney Terry Goldberg has filed a government claim on behalf of 17-year-old Jane Doe.

The claim filed on behalf of “Jane Doe” alleges the City of Santa Maria and the Santa Maria Police Department knew police officer Albert Covarrubias Jr. was involved in an inappropriate relationship with the alleged victim as far back as New Year’s Eve.

It also alleges the police department allowed Covarrubias to drive the girl, who was a Police Explorer Scout, around in his patrol car until the time of his death.

Personal Injury Cases:

The Law Offices of Goldberg & Gage can assist you in connection with your motorcycle accident, automobile accident or train or plane crash. The law of personal injury has changed with the recent case of Howell vs. Hamilton Meats, which means that the personal injury cases are now even more complicated. The attorneys at Goldberg & Gage have obtained some of the most significant verdicts and settlements in Los Angeles. Our firm has the experience, and skills necessary to get you the best possible recovery.

Did You Know:

In automobiles and trucks, a “black box” is more formally knows as an event data recorder. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines an EDR as a function or device installed in a motor vehicle to record technical vehicle and occupant information for a brief period of time, before, during and after a crash for the purpose of monitoring and assessing vehicle safety system performance. Passenger vehicle EDRs are usually part of the airbag control module, a small box located under the front seat or near the center console. Information sometimes includes pre-crash details such as vehicle speed, engine speed, throttle position, brake application, occupant presence, occupant size, seat belt usage and seat position. New rules in 2013 will require manufacturers to make the necessary access tools and software available to the public.

When Air Bags Do Not Deploy:

Many clients have asked why their airbag did not deploy when they were involved in an automobile accident. If the collision pulse is less than the threshold to “wake up” or is in a direction not monitored by the airbag module, no collision data is recorded. For example, rear-end collisions do not typically result in event data being recorded, nor in the deployment of an airbag. Sometimes, no data is recorded in seemingly severe lateral collisions because the system may not monitor for lateral impacts and the frontal portion of the deceleration is not sufficiently severe.

Goldberg & Gage Acting on Behalf of Emily Shane’s tragic death on the Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway may be one of the most scenic stretches of roadway in the entire country, but come summer, this beautiful stretch of road also becomes one of the most dangerous in California. The New York Times is running a special report on the increased risk of accidents on the Pacific Coast Highway, as more numbers of visitors stream in to Malibu to spend the summer.

The 18.8 miles of highway in Malibu has traditionally been a summer magnet for students and vacationers. The beautiful scenery combined with the gorgeous weather causes visitors to engage in reckless behavior, like drunk driving. It was on this stretch of highway that Hollywood star Nick Nolte was arrested for drunk driving. It was also on this stretch of Pacific Coast Highway that Mel Gibson was pulled over for drunk driving, and let loose a string of racial slurs. However, it’s the regular American vacationer and residents that Goldberg & Gage will be especially concerned with.

According to the Speed Zone Survey Report from the Office of Traffic Investigations, traffic in Malibu can jump by as much as 20 to 30 percent over the weekend. This area is at its best at this time of the year, and thousands of visitors are expected to pour in. This summer is going to be no different. There will be a number of motorists, motorcyclists taking in the gorgeous weather on this beautiful stretch of highway. The pedestrian traffic in Malibu is also set to increase with people walking to the beach.

Goldberg & Gage is concerned about your safety, which is not typically a priority for people on vacation. You’re likely to have situations where pedestrians walk across the road where there are no crosswalks. Traffic can range from slow beach traffic involving pedestrians and bicyclists, to super-fast commuter traffic. Drunk driving is a high risk during this time of year on this stretch of highway. All of these factors combined create a potent situation with high risks of an accident or injury.

Terry Goldberg is especially concerned about innocent victims being injured and not getting proper representation for their personal injuries and damages. Mr. Goldberg, a senior partner at Goldberg & Gage, is filing claims against the City of Malibu in the State of California, Caltrans and others for the unsafe and dangerous conditions of Pacific Coast Highway.

There are certain sections of the Pacific Coast Highway where the fatality rates are higher than average fatality rates elsewhere in California. Besides, the fatality toll has been mounting since January this year. Four people have been killed in accidents since the year began. Emily Shane’s death is an example of the dangerous conditions that exist on Pacific Coast Highway. Her death shook the local Malibu community. 13-year-old Emily Rose Shane was walking home from a friend’s house when she was struck by a Mitsubishi Lancer. This death outraged the local community, and residents formed a group called Safer PCH to lobby for increased traffic safety in the area.

Mr. Goldberg is representing the family of Emily Shane and is preparing governmental claims, which will be filed shortly against the City of Malibu in the State of California, Caltrans in the County of Los Angeles for the loss of their beloved daughter Emily Shane.

Goldberg & Gage is a law firm with offices throughout California dedicated to the representation of personal injury victims, including victims of car accidents. If on a personal injury matter, please call 818-340-9252 or use the contact form on this website.

Attorney Terry M. Goldberg and Governor Jerry BrownJerry Brown and Terry Goldberg together for Los Angeles Fundraiser at the W Hotel, June 7th, 2010.