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Just how often do men face sexual harassment in the workplace?

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | Employment Law

Although it’s sometimes seen as a “female issue,” the truth is that both men and women face sexual harassment in the workplace. According to one study that looked at 522 workers, up to 58% of females and 37% of men admitted to experiencing sexual harassment of some kind. 

Sexual harassment against men simply is not studied as much as sexual harassment against women, which may be why there is not as much information about it available. Perceptions are different, too. That means that the actions some men face may not be perceived as harassment, whereas women would consider those actions harassing. 

One of the worst issues men face with sexual harassment is the stigma that comes with it. Some believe that it is unmanly to be a victim, a sign of weakness to report this behavior or they simply feel embarrassed. It’s important to report workplace harassment, however, whatever your gender.  

Sexual harassment can be by anyone in the workplace

Whether it is a client, employee, coworker, supervisor or the business owner, no one should be subjecting you to sexual harassment at work. You have a right to be in a safe environment free of harassment and actions that make you feel uncomfortable. Sexual harassment at work can lead to anxiety, alcohol abuse and depression, and men who experience harassment are more likely to suffer from these conditions.

If you are harassed at work, don’t delay reporting it. You have rights and shouldn’t have to worry about sexual harassment at work. Your attorney can help you fight against any company that doesn’t stop harassment when it’s reported or that retaliates against you for reporting what you’ve experienced.