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If a dog is going to bite, what should you do?

| Oct 7, 2021 | Personal Injury

You don’t always have a warning if a dog is going to bite. There are plenty of stories of joggers running around the corner on a trail, for instance, and getting bitten before they even realize someone else was walking their dog on that trail. 

However, you may see warning signs in advance and have a moment to react. Maybe you’re jogging, and a dog runs out of a yard toward you on the sidewalk. Now, what do you do? 

Tips to help you in the encounter 

This is a frightening encounter and one that happens very quickly. Keep these tips in mind, so you know how to react:

  • Do not strike the dog, as this just escalates the situation. 
  • Do not turn your back on the dog. 
  • Do not run away. You cannot outrun the dog anyway, and, like striking it, this just escalates the situation and makes the dog more dangerous. 
  • Try to put something between yourself and the dog. It may bite this item instead of you.
  • Try to stay calm and avoid screaming or yelling. 
  • Talk to the dog in a firm, controlled voice. 
  • Slowly back away, getting out of the dog’s territory, before turning around. 

These tips can certainly help, but remember that it is not your fault if you get bitten by the dog. The tips don’t guarantee you won’t be attacked, and it’s not your fault if you forget all of them in the heat of the moment. If you have wounds and injures, it is time to start looking into your options to seek financial compensation