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Study: Small dogs are more aggressive 

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2022 | Personal Injury

Those who are afraid of dogs typically have more fear of larger dogs, such as German Shepherds, Pit Bulls are Rottweilers. These dogs look aggressive and people will try to keep their distance. Some dog owners will even refuse to buy specific breeds because their fear of a dog bite is so great.

Conversely, many people are not afraid of small dogs, and being around them isn’t worrisome. There is this perception that larger dogs are more aggressive and more dangerous. But a recent study has shown that this isn’t true.

What the study found

The study looked at thousands of dogs and discovered that smaller breeds were 49% more likely to be aggressive in nature than larger breeds. They were also 38% more likely to be to act aggressively than dogs considered to be medium-sized. While the medium-sized dogs and the large dogs had the same aggression levels, the small dogs were the clear outlier and showed a much higher level of aggression.

The reason that people usually assume the opposite is often just because of the size of the larger dogs and the fact that they can inflict more damage if someone is involved in an attack. A smaller dog may be more likely to bite, but someone may not be worried about that because they don’t think that they’ll be injured – even though they can be. Larger dogs are certainly involved in more serious or fatal dog attacks because of the size and strength that they bring.

If you’ve been bitten by a dog and suffered serious injuries, or if you’ve even lost a loved one in a tragic accident, it’s very important to know about all of the legal options at your disposal.