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Is your boss trying to force you out? 

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2022 | Employment Law

For years, you’ve been a hard-working and loyal employee. While you’ve never been best friends with any of your bosses, the professional relationship has always functioned well. At least, this was the case until recently. 

Your new boss doesn’t seem to like you. In fact, they’re making it very hard for you to focus on your work. Are they trying to get rid of you? Outlined below are some signs that your boss is trying to force you out.

Unfair criticism 

Your previous bosses had a fine balance between supervising and letting you get on with your work. You were trusted and given a lot of responsibility. You were praised when meeting or exceeding expectations and correctly pulled up on the rare occasions you didn’t perform. 

Things are very different now. Apparently, nothing you do is right and you’re gradually losing more and more responsibilities. Your boss looks over your shoulder so much that it’s starting to feel intimidating. You know that no matter how hard you work, you’re always going to be criticized. Unfair criticism is one tactic that employers can use to force a person out of the company. This can create a hostile working environment, which is unlawful. 

Being left out 

The company is expanding and constantly running training courses so that employees can grow alongside the business. The trouble is that you’re never invited to these training sessions. You’re told that someone needs to stay behind and look after the office. But why is this person always you? Making you feel left out is another strategy that might be used to force you into quitting. 

If you’ve been made to feel miserable at work to the point that you quit, then you may have a legitimate claim against the company. Seeking some legal guidance on the matter will help let you know where you stand.