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5 kinds of workplace discrimination 

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2023 | Employment Law

One of the biggest protective rights employees have is a discrimination-free workplace. Discrimination in the workplace can cause people to feel unwanted and unseen, which can cause depression and anxiety. More importantly, discrimination can cause people to lose their jobs for characteristics they can’t control. 

Workplace discrimination can target groups, but it typically targets individuals. There are many different ways someone may discriminate against someone, such as retaliation, harassment, inappropriate questioning and work reduction. 

Here are a few characteristics that may lead to workplace discrimination

1. Age

Many workers forty years of age or older suffer from discrimination. Some companies believe that people over forty years of age are less reliable and less willing to learn new skills. Younger workers may replace older workers. Some older workers may even train the employees who are set to replace them. 

2. Disability

Many people struggle with disabilities. An office space, for example, may not accommodate a worker who has a mobility disability. Employers may indirectly target workers with disabilities by placing them in a position that actively works against them.

3. Race

People of different colors and races have a history of discrimination. Many companies and employers hold prejudices and biases against different races. These biases may spread rumors that someone is aggressive or incompetent because of their race.

4. Religion

There are thousands of different religions. Many of these religious beliefs clash with others, which can cause conflict in workplaces. Employees suffering from discrimination for their religion may not be allowed to practice their beliefs or wear certain religious clothing for no legitimate reason.

5. Gender

Many people face discrimination because of their gender. Gender roles in workplaces often control how successful someone can be. Women have historically faced workplace discrimination, but men can also face discriminatory harassment.

Workplace discrimination can create unsafe environments if issues aren’t resolved. Workers facing discrimination may need to reach out for legal help to understand their options.